Ice-Cream Pinata

Piñata complete! It’s so much fun to see the finished project.  I really enjoyed doing this ice-cream cone for a good friend.  I’m used to doing boyish themes, so this was loads of fun! It seemed like it was destiny……I opened a package a day after I started this project, and it contained some shipping peanuts and immediately I saw sprinkles.  It just needed some fun paint colors, and a cute cherry on top.  Sometimes things work out even better than planned!

I delivered it yesterday, and seeing the girls reaction was priceless.  All the smiles and excitement radiated, and got all the good feels.  To many more!




Breakfast Cookies

In this household we never waste a banana! If you have some ripe bananas, put them to use! Make these easy breakfast cookies, with just a few ingredients (make it vegan with a flax egg and use non dairy chocolate chips from enjoy life!)


You can switch it up by adding some different nuts, craisins, or a 1/2 c. of your favorite nut butter! Experiment and have fun with it!
Tip: I use an ice-cream trigger scooper to make it mess free! Enjoy!

.IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9081